CM-6300S IR Radiator

Short Description:

  1. Radiates & distributes up to 6 channels of audio signal
  2. Auto switched on/off by carrier signals from transmitter unit
  3. Auto gain control to ensure diodes with max. efficiency
  4. Convection cooled for noiseless, reliable operation
  5. Mounted on ceiling, wall, floor stand or optional tripod
  6. Easily daisy-chained together to expand coverage
  7. Half radiator angle: ±22°

Product Detail

Product Tags


  1. IR Radiator front panel
  2. Power on/off switch
  3. AC POWER INPUT: 110/220VAC±5% 50/60Hz
  4. Signal input BNC jack: connect to the “SIGNAL OUT’ port of main unit or previous IR radiator output port.
  5. Signal output BNC jack: connection to the next IR radiator input port
  6. Fixable orifice

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